Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hokkai, so.....

I recently came back from an awesome weekend! Went to Niagara Falls for an overnight with some friends of mine and got drunk. Haha! It was all gravy! Then, I went to Comic Con with Damian. Only got to spend 3 hrs. there thought but it was worth it. I got a Spidey sketch from Francisco Herrera! I also bought 2 Street fighter action figures. I'm starting a collection of that! And finally, yesterday I went to HOOTERS for wings night with my friends. When we got there, we saw like 10 people we know eating. We were all like "WTF? Random coincidence!" Anyways I managed to beat my record of 32 by eating 50 wings. I'm proud of myself! =P

Hmmm school's in a week....finally! This summer, though productive and eventful, was a tad too long I think. I actually want to go back to school for once. Although I'm not looking forward to the stress and big animation assignments, I am looking forward to learning new things and further developing my drawing skills. 2nd year will be fun hopefully.

So anyways, I finally finished my *ahem* "commission" work for my friend:

That is all....I'm currently working on a Fantastic Four drawing so stay tuned for that update!

Peace monkeys!

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