Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hokkai, so....Long time no blog. Been REALLY intensely busy lately so I haven't had time to update this thing but im back today with a treasure trove of stuff (NOT!). I've done some pretty interesting stuff these past few weeks. Gone to the Winter Fair yesterday and that was fun. I wasn't particularly happy with any one of my drawings but you know me, I'm always very critical about my stuff. I can't draw animals for some reason and it pisses me off. That's something I gotta definitely work at. Anyways apart from that, I've slowed down on the cafe drawing which is a bad thing. Gotta start getting back on it. I think we're gonna make a sketch group and meet at the Oakville Place mall every Tuesday to get some cafe drawings done. Should be fun! Anyways without further ado, here are the fruits of my.....looms....(?)

Some TV caricatures

A Sexytary and her boss...LOL

Cafe sketches @ Oakville Place Mall food court

Winter Fair Pig

Winter Fair Goats

The infamous KKK sheep at the Winter Fair. Haha!

A couple of guys I saw while eating my lunch at the Winter Fair. Good for contrasting characters no?

The Perogie Man. When I saw this guy at the perogie booth, I just HAD to draw him! He was so jolly and that moustache is just too funny. Needless to say I had alot of fun drawing this guy.

Just some dude I saw on the bus today. Decided to lay down a quick tonal on Photoshop. Damn I really gotta get a tablet.

Anyways that's all. My next update will probably be when I get back my next character design assignment which I still have to hand in tomorrow. Hmmm I guess I won't be updating for a while.

Peace monkeys!

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