Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ROM trip

K so today my Life Drawing class went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) to draw some animal bones that they had in their collection. It was cool coz we were led into a secret backroom where the public isn't allowed to enter. It felt so cool to be let into a secret backroom like was so mysterious...HAHA. Anyways, I ended up drawing the skeleton of an Aardvark. We had to do 2 drawings, one 5 min. gesture and a long 1 hour sustained pose where we get into detailing and rendering if we wanted. My sustained drawing turned out pretty good. I'm really happy with it. Today was an interesting and fun day.

Anyways, here are some drawings to tide you hungry hungy hippos over....(sidenote: Did you know that a Hippo's skin is like an inch thick? I learned that at the ROM today! =) Anyways back to the drawings.....)

1 hour sustained drawing. Blue pencil and 0.5 black marker.

Caricatures are fun!

Bahhhhh I'm starting to get sick!! My throat is sore and i feel woozy alot. I hate getting sick!!!

Peace monkeys!

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GHGraphics said...

Hey Andrew! Thanks for the comment!

This ROM drawing looks really good man. Very tight.