Saturday, January 08, 2011


So I was commissioned to do a caricature as a birthday present to my friend's dad. I had to make do with my very minimal supplies because I don't really do stuff like this very often (more like NEVER) on paper. I ended up drawing it out on watercolour paper and turned my room upside down looking for pencil crayons i can use to colour it. Anyway, i think it turned out alright. Mind you, the picture was dark and i had to pimp up the contrast and colours a bit on PS so this pic actually looks better than the original piece.


Trevor Spencer said...

for NEVER doing this, you are quite good at it. you should do some more traditional pieces like this.

always good to see pencil on paper action :)

Andrew Manzanares said...

You flatter me, sir. lol! Thanks man. I appreciate you still commenting on my stuff. You're the only one that still does. haha!