Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keepin it real........flaws and all!

So i decided to not care and just scan a few pages from my sketchbook showing both working designs and lots of failed ones. Let's keep it on the real...i don't care if people see my "crappy sketches" as well and who knows, it might help some people figure out what design decisions work and what don't. I figured I'd show my thought process as to how i go about designing characters. What do I have to be ashamed about right? I'm owning up to my failures as well as successes!

This last one was a drive-by memory sketch. I took mental notes of the scene while i was stopped at a red light and drew it up when i got home.

On another note, how friggin crazy are the Raptors playing lately, right? I smell an Atlantic Division title part 2 coming.......i hope.


Garrett Hanna said...

it is good seeing your entire pages. Gives us a better look at your process. They look great! And I seriously like the story telling in you drive by memory sketch. It's a sweet picture. Good to see you're so active with your drawing.

Trevor Spencer said...

yeah man! thanks for sharing ALL the drawings, not just the good ones:)

i really like the second page down as well as the memory sketch page. aweseome work andrew!

justin said...

Great work bud, I'm diggin' all of your drawings but I really like the last one! Nice