Sunday, April 20, 2008


OMG the Hellish 3rd Year of Sheridan Animation has finally ended! Time flew by so fast yet it seemed like eternity at the same time. I can't believe we actually got through it. As a 2nd Year student last year, I remember going to the 3rd year screening and coming out petrified of what's to come the following year. I was like, "HOOOLY SHIT, I AM SCARED FOR NEXT YEAR! We are not prepared for 3rd year at all!!" Fast forward a year and I'm back in the same room watching my own 3rd year film. It seemed like such a blur...I can't even recall what happened this year and how the hell i got through it all. But that's the most important thing...the fact that I DID get through it and i'm now a little better, a little wiser. Now I'm just looking forward to the Internships this summer and 4th year.

Anyways enough of the mushy shtuff! Let's get to some art!

The film poster i handed in to Komza


Jeremy Cardarelli said...

Great Designs!

Mena said...

I like it!

fabiomgoulart said...
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fabiomgoulart said...

hey andrew, wasup
my name is Fabio, im brazilian and im planing to apply myself to sheridan's computer animation program too.
i've just seen your sheridan's portfolio work, its just genious man !
i really liked it so much.
i wonder if you had an email or msn so we can talk better about all this 'sheridan stuff', i want you to give me some expert tricks u know... heheh
please, send me an e-mail at:

thx a lot dude